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What bra do I wear after breast surgery?

What bra do I wear after breast surgery?


Whether you are having breast conserving surgery as in Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, or re-construction, I hope to guide you in the right direction when choosing your post -operative bra.

Lumpectomy: Following surgery you will most likely have dressings on your breast and close to your axilla ( where axilla node sampling may have been done) and these will remain in place for at least a week. I would recommend the Amoena Leslie post-surgical bra. The structured fabric creates a light massage effect during movement, the high back and sides give extra comfort and stability. For those that would prefer a front closure bra, the Amoena Clara FC is made from Bamboo fabric which is ideal for sensitive skin, because of its comfort , good breathability and moisture absorption. It has seamless knitted technology for ultimate comfort. In the event that you will require Radiotherapy The seamless design and cooling properties will continue to offer you comfort during the recovery process.

Mastectomy: I would also recommend the Amoena Clara FC or the Amoena Leslie bras for the this post-surgical period.The bras are pocketed on both sides to facilitate the use of a breast prosthesis. It’s a personal choice whether you opt for the front or back fastening option. The front fastening offers more support for the fuller bust. Another good choice is the Anita Lotta mastectomy bra. This seamless mastectomy cropped top combines comfort with functional details. The microfiber material lies in a way that is subtle to the curve of your body. The wide and soft shoulder straps gives an all-round feel good experience.

Post-op & Radiotherapy potential outcomes: Some women may develop Lymphoedma following breast surgery and radiotherapy. The aim is to recognise these symptoms at an early stage so they can be pro-active and have better outcomes. The Amoena Lymph-care concept is ideal for women with mild Lymphoma in the Thoracic and chest area. The Linda Cura-Lymph comfort bra has innovative Sens Elast technology bonding that creates a light messaging effect during movement.

Re-construction: Depending on the type of re-construction you are going to have your Surgeon may suggest post-surgical options that are his particular preference. The most popular compression bras are the Anita Marbella compression bra and the Amoena Leyla. In some hospitals the bras are fitted in theatre or prior to discharge. These are worn for a number of weeks as requested by the Surgeon. These products are only available in store as accurate fitting is required. 

All of the above mentioned products are available in store or contact me for more information. 


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