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Who is Supreme Silhouette?

Who is Supreme Silhouette?

Hi I’m Ethna.

For those of you ladies that don’t know me, I have many years of experience working in a specialist breast care centre and in the post-operative management of patients following breast surgery. For many years I gave pre and post-operative advice on the pathway through breast care. I also did the post-operative fittings in a clinical setting and moved to my own practice part time in 2016 and now full time in 2021. I found that I totally enjoyed the non-clinical environment and could give so much more to my clients which then lead me to a wonderful change of career that I find to be just as fulfilling as it allows expression of all my basic instincts of care and empathy that I enjoyed in my nursing career.

I am happy to advise you on the correct bra to be worn whether it’s a soft cotton/bamboo antimicrobial post recovery or a compression bra following reconstruction surgery. If you have developed Lymphoedema of the breast the fitting of the specialist Lymph O Fit bra is a must in my opinion.

From there you can explore with confidence in a variety of styles of breast forms, lingerie, sportswear and swimwear to suit your lifestyle. Our range of seduction lingerie is a confidence booster and will make you look and feel good. Whether it’s for that special day out or comfort I will find the perfect fit for you.

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