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Non-Invasive solutions for breast asymmetry

Non-Invasive solutions for breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry can occur for different reasons. These reasons can include natural breast discrepancy, which can be quite common, benign Lumpectomy or following breast cancer surgery. Whether you have had breast conserving therapy as in Lumpectomy followed by Radiotherapy or an unfavourable result following breast re-construction, these results can have a psychological impact on your quality of life. Aesthetically when the bra is not fitting and supporting properly it can cause loss of confidence, irritation and discomfort. Physiologically where there is a weight discrepancy this can lead to neck and back pain.

The solution to this is Breast Shapers. These partial breast prosthesis can be fitted inside all pocketed bras. They come in multiple thickness variants and shapes. They hug the breast and are made from comfort plus technology that absorbs and stabilizes the heat from the breast. There is a shape available to suit every breast discrepancy.

The latest product available from Amoena is the German Gold Design award winning Adapt Air shaper/partial breast prosthesis. These are individually adjustable, fit close to the breast, are light weight and offer a comfortable skin sensation. They are also easily adjusted for weight fluctuations. They are also very useful during Tissue Expander re-Construction.

Below is the link to the Amoena site with full product information. I stock this item as well as the original Adapt Air full breast prosthesis and all other partial forms.

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